Data Software Engineer

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NetProspex is a leading data company focused on helping B2B marketers improve their program results, reduce costs associated with bad data and realize greater business value from their contact data. NetProspex was named one of Boston's Best Places to Work by the Boston Globe and the Boston Business Journal, one of the 30 Companies to watch in the next decade, alongside Google and Apple and winner of the SIIA Codie Award for Lead Generation Solutions. With steady funding and a strong team NetProspex has doubled in size and revenue every year.
Data Software Engineer
We are seeking a talented data software engineer to build, enhance, scale and optimize our back-end projects. This person is a key part of the team that delivers NetProspex's core product: DATA. This role is a blend of technology and data, ideal candidates will have a can do attitude, passion for data, extensive development experience, and will be able to get up to speed quickly. Excellent communication and organization skills necessary and the ability to take ownership of projects is key.
Key Responsibilities
The Data Software Engineer creates and maintains the systems that directly affect NetProspex's data. This includes development related to (but is not necessarily limited to)

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